Senior citizen darshan timings

Senior citizen darshan timings

Darshan Timings    
       10:00Am             Morning
       02:00Pm               Afternoon


Requirements:- 2 Hours before u have to report in Mahadwaram Entrance (Opp to Temple) with  your ID proof.

Eligibility:-       1. Those people who cross 65 they are treated as a senior citizen’s and they can go with this entrance.
                          2. Physical changed person’s also can go with this entrance.
                          3. If  husband age is 65 and wife age is <65 than they can accompany with him.
                          4.  If any major health problem’s, if u can get the doctor certificate, u will permitted to go with this entrance also.

further details contact:0877-2264252,2233333,2277777   or Toll free no-1800-425-111-111


Such an useful information. Thank you

Is there any restriction on the frequency of the senior citizen darshan? For example, if I have darshan today, can I have a darshan in the course of next 30 days again?

Can asenior citizens have darshan for consecutively for three days?

can they wait for us in the main door and then we all can have lords darshan

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my grandmother is 80 years old....who will take care of her there? is any family member allowed with her??

I have parents aged 77 and 70 yrs can me and my wife accompany them in senior citizen entrance. kindly reply

Can a wheel chair bound person get darbhanga

Can a wheel chair bound person get a darshan

Thanks for this useful info.

Is senior citizen darshan allowed on all days?

We have a 1-yr old baby , do we have any such facility with baby too ?

What about a air force person can he get supadham darashan wit his family....?

Hi, I will have six 70+ family members with me and coming from Rajasthan. Since there are lots of changes made in Darshan Rules, Could anybody tell me that Senior Citizen Queues are available now also or not.? I am planning to have darshan on 27th March 2015. Or Should I book Sheegra darshan ticket of 300/- ? Which is Quicker n Comfortable ?

Possible we can book in advance on line-if need be on payment

can anyone go with senior citizen for

I can't find reply to any of the queries. please reply it will help others thanks.

I can't find reply to any of the queries. please reply it will help others thanks.

Darshan is paid or free for senior citizens ??
If paid, whether the ticket purchase ??

Senior citizens can avail this benefit by displaying the Age proof at Supatham Entrance to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Staff.

Senior Citizens are allowed for Darshan Daily in two schedules. Darshan Timings are 10 A.M and 3 P.M.

Reporting Time at Supadam 8 am and 1 pm.

General Questions on Senior Citizens Darshan in Tirumala

1) Both Pilgrims should be Senior citizens.

2) Age proof is mandatory to avail Supatham Special Entrance benefit

3) Only privileged person is allowed to queue , no friends and relatives are allowed along with devotee.

4) Supatham is 100-200 feet from Vaikuntam Queue Complex Entrance

5) Ticket is not required to avail this benefit. It is free of Cost.

6) There is no limitation with respect to Darshan with in a month. A devotee can go for Darshan on 365 days in a yea

Ashok Sonkar,
सर, 40 सालसे श्रीवरी बालाजी भगवान का रथ और दर्शन के लिये हर ब्रम्होत्सव मे आता हू । 03-10-2014 को जेष्टनागरीके क्यू मे जातेसमय मेरा वोटर आयडी देखर ये नही चलता चलो कहेकर बाहर निकाला गया । 300 रू के टिकीट कि मांग कि तो ये सेवा बंद है धरम दर्शन को जाव । सर क्या जेष्ट नागरीकको धरम दर्शन संभव है। कृपाकरके हाम बगैर दर्शनके लौट आये । सर भविष्यमे ईस समस्यापर कोई ऊपाय करनेकी बिनती है ।
।। श्रीमन्नारायण ।।

I am 69 years old & my wife is 67 years old. I allready book in special entry darshan. can we apply for refund in case? tell me on My Mob no 09403548065 or email id


It seems they allow only 250 per batch will all senior citizen get chance or still racket in TTD exists as TTD is notorious for Black market.

my age is 45 and i have sever spine and cervical problem and my mother is 70 . due to my health problems can i accompy my mother

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