ACCOMMODATION AT  TIRUPATI

Pilgrims are requested to go to the nearest Sudarshan Token counter and obtain the allotted darshan
date and time immediately  after reaching Tirupati. They can plan their stay at Tirupati orTirumala and
visit local temples accordingly.
lt will be difficult to get accommodation at Tirumala during weekends, festivals and seasonal vacations.
Pilgrims are, therefore, requested to stay at Tirupati and go to Tirumala according to the allotted
darshan date and time.
Pilgrims are provided with paid accommodation. free choultries and dormitories at Tirupati. Pilgrims can
choose free halls where luggage can be kept in the lockers, sleep in the common hall and make use of
common toilets and bath rooms. Such accommodation is available at Srinivasam Complex,
 Opp. RTC Complex and Bhudevi Pilgrim Amenities Complex near Alipiri. Pilgrims can also get free
unfurnished rooms and lockers in ll Choultry near Railway Station. Pilgrims can avail paid rooms at
Srinivasam, lll Choultry, Sri Venkateswara Guest House, Alipiri Guest House and Sri Padmavathi Guest
House, Tirupati .


lt is located opposite to RTC Complex. By ten minitues walk from Railway Station, Tirupati. lt is a
Mega  accommodation complex with 560 rooms. There are both A/C and non A/C rooms. A/C room
tariff is Rs.600/- while ordinary room tariff is Rs.200/-.
Those who do not require room can keep their luggage in the lockers. They can use free toilets,
 and relax in the spacious halls. There are 580 lockers at present. The number will be increased as per
requirement. These halls can accommodate nearly 3000 pilgrims.
Sudarsanam counters) restaurants, catering, hook stalls and RTC bus service to Tirumala, package tour
buses and banks. are located here.


Pilgrims can reserve accommodation at Srlnivasam Complex 45 days in advance. They are requested to
take a DD for Rs.200/- (ordinary Room) Rs.400/- for A/C room, Rs.6OO (for A/C deluxe room)
in favour of Executive Officer, TTDs, Tirupati and send it to the  Dy. Executive Officer, Srinivasam
Complex, Near RTC Bus Station,Tlrupati. An allotment letter will be sent to them. Accommodation
 will be provided on production of the allotment letter. Pilgrims are requested to mention the date of
visit clearly to avoid any confusion. current booking on first come first serve basis at this complex.


it is located opposite to Railway Station, Tlrupatl. There are 45 ordinary rooms with attached bath and toilet facility. lt has two bedded rooms with hot water facility. The room tariff is Rs.l50/-. There is
no advance reservation for this Guest House.


Sri  Govindarajaswamy  Choultiy (ll Choultry) and Sri Kodandarama Swamy Choultry (Ill Choultry) are located behind the Railway station, Tirupati, Pilgrims can go by walk to these choultries. They are best suited for large families or parties. There is facility for cooking also in the common kitchens available, There are 222 rooms in the ll choultry.

These are allotted free of cost. Besides these, there is a Pilgrim Amenities Complex which can  accommodate nearly 500 pilgrims. There are 104 lockers in this choultry. Pilgrim can deposit their lugguage in their lockers. There are 206 rooms in the adjacent III Choultry. The room tariff nominally fixed at Rs. 50/- lt is two beded accommodation There is also common cooking facility available in the open area.  Ample parking facility is available at these choultries.


lt is located near Alipiri Link Bus Station. lt is nearly 2 Kms. Away from Railway Station and near Alipiri, the place from where Tirumala Ghat Roads and Footpath begin. There are 40 rooms. The room tariff is Rs. 100/-. These are double rooms with common hot water facility, lt is located at a picturesqure place. No advance reservation is required for this guest house.


lt is located near the Alipiri Guest House. lt is a mega Pilgrim Amenities Complex with 3 spacious halls. These halls can accommodate nearly 3000 pilgrims at a time. Pilgrims can keep their luggage in the lockers free of cost. They can make use of free toilets and bathrooms.

lt is ideal for groups of pilgrims. There is ample facility to park their vehicles here. Private vehicles  exceeding 12 seating capacity are not allowed on Tirumala  Ghat Roads. They have to keep their vehicles here. Pilgrims can alight here and go to Tirumala by RTC buses.


lt is located opposite to Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. lt is nearly 2 kms from Railway Station, Tirupati. There are 35 a/c rooms. The room tariff ranges from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 2000/-, These are all double bedded rooms with hot water facility. These rooms are generally allotted to VIPs’ only. Some rooms are however allotted to the pilgrims on request during lean period. There is no advance reservation of accommodation facility for this guesthouse.

Phone Numbers: Srinivasam Complex; 0877 - 2264540,
 S.V. Guest House: 0877 - 2264507;
 SP Guest House 0877- 2264510, 2264511,
ll & lll Choultries 0877 – 2264503
 Alipiri Guest House 0877-2264502


Sri Srinivasa Kalyana Mandapam, BlocNo-1 &2 Rs_5000/- per day Block No.3 & 4 Rs,6,000 per day. Sri Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam, Block No. 1,2 & 3 Rs. 6,000 per day. For further details Please Contact Dy E.O. (Reception), TTD, Tirupati. Ph. 0877- 2264501


It is located beside the Renigunt: RaiIway station. Pilgrims alighting at Renigunta Railway statin Can Stay at the pilgrim amenities complex. They can keep the luggage at the lockers and make use of common toilets and bath roms. Sudarsan tokens can be had from the Information Centre to Seva  time. RTC buses from Renigunta railway station to Tirumala are available round the Clock.The complex has two  Dormitory has and paid accommodation (Rs,150 per room) Ph-O877 – 226474,

                               PILGRIM ACCOMMODATION AT TIRUMALA

Devotees can reserve accommodation at Tirumala in three ways.
(1) Advance reservation at TTD lnformation Centres located in various places of the country and  in the District head quarters.
(2) By sending Demand Draft 


Devotees can reserve accommodation in advance at all TTD Information Centres located in :strict head quarters in the state including Vijayawada and Rajahmundry at least 30 days in advance. They can also book advance accommodation at Chennai, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Pondicherry, Mumbai and Vellore, Devotees have to pay Rs,100/- to reserve the Accommodation. Availability of accommodation by advance booking is displayed prominently at all TTD Information Centres.  Once the accommodation is reserved a slip will be given to them. Devotees have to show  the slip  at ARP Counter, Central Reception Office, TTD, Tirumala. They will be provided with accommodation 5 RBGH, Varahaswamy Ghest House, Sapthagiri Guest House etc .


Devotees can also send Rs. 100/- by Demand Draft or Money Order in favour of Executive Officer, TTD, Tirupati and send it to the Asst. Executive Officer (Reception), TTD, Tirumala - 517 504 atleast one month in advance. The confirmation slip will be sent by post to the party. The devotees are requested to give one or two alternative dates if there is non-availability of accommodation  on the date requested by them. The devotees have to show the confirmation slip at the ARP Counter, Central Reception Office, 1TD, Tirumala In case, devotees have sent the DO but did not get the cottage allotment letter in time they are requested to contact AEO (Reception), TTD, Tirumala, Phone No. 0877 - 2277681. In case the confirmation slip is lost or forgotten, a proof of their cottage allotment or DD may be shown at the counter for cottage allotment. 


The devotees can log onto and go for accommodation. They can select the date and type of accommodation required. The money can be paid by credit card. Credit cards, which are having Citi Bank gateway only are accepted. Devotees can choose Rs. 100/- tariff cottage and Rs. 750/- tariff cottage. Once the money is collected, official receipt will be generated. The devotees have to get the printed receipt. They have to show the receipt as well as proof of identity at the Internet Counter located at Sri Padmavathi Guest House Sub-enquiry, Tirumala. They will be given original cottage allotment slip. 


I Direct Reservations through DDs and MOs 150 Nos.; Infor-mation Centres:- Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, New Delhi ,Mumbai, Chennai, Pondicherry and Bangalore 30 each i.e. 240  No’s. District Head-Quarters :- Adilabad, Anantapur, Chittoor, Kadapah, Eluru, Kakinada, Khammam, Kurnool, Machilipatnam, Mahabnob Nagar, Nellore, Nizamabad, Ongole, Sanga Reddy, Srikakulam, Vijayanagarm and Warangal 10 each i.e. 170 nos. Bhuvaneswar 5 Nos.and through Internet 100 Nos. A total 665 nos. of rooms per day are allotted for advance reservation of accommodation at Tirumala. 


Pilgrims can also have accommodation by standing in the queue line in the Central Reception Office (CRO).   Free choultries, accommodation on payment of Rs. 50/-, Rs. 100/- is available for the pilgrims. All the family members, need not wait in the queue line for accommodation. The pilgrim has to pay the room tariff and Rs. 200/- as Security Deposit and obtain a computerized cottage allotment slip from the cottage allotment counter. Pilgrim has to go to the allotted cottage area sub enquiry and show the allotment slip there. They will be given cottage keys. The signature given in the register and also on the cottage allotment siip should be tallied to get the caution deposit back. Otherwise, the Caution Deposit will not be returned. Only 8 hours time is given to collect the caution deposit from the time of vacation of the room. The room allotment is for 24 hours only


Pilgrims seeking extension for further date, have to go to the Cottage Extension Counter in CRO Office i.e., next to ARP Counter. In case accommodation is available, extension will be given. There they have to pay additional rent. In case, due to any problem pilgrim does not extend the cottage but stays for more than 24 hours, he has to pay additional rent at the time of vacation and show the receipt at the cottage sub enquiry.


At the time of room vacation pilgrims have to check their luggage. They have to hand over the keys to the attender in the guest house. They have to see that the vacation is entered in the computer and noted on the cottage slip given to them. They can show the slip in any of the Caution Deposit Refund Counters (CRO, Rambagicha guest house, Sapthagiri choultries,TBC, HVC, ANC, Opp to Padmavathi guest house, Sub enquiry) and obtain the caution deposit. 

In case they fail to get the room vacation entered in the computer and fail to note on the computer slip the caution deposit wiil not be returned. It is advised that those pilgrims who have stayed for more than' 24 hours have to first pay the extension amount at the respective counter, vacate the room, get entered in the computer about room vacation, then show the slip for caution deposit return. 

Those who vacate the room, handover the keys and do not claim q caution deposit within eight hours, the same will be credited to Srivari Hundi without any intimation. 


                There are 625 number of free rooms in three choultries at Tirumala. Pilgrims can
have free rooms.Free rooms to the pilgrims will be allotted at the CRO. These free rooms can accomodate nearly 10 -15 pilgrims. There will be a fan, and bath room in these rooms. Pilgrims have to deposit Rs. 200 which will be returned after vacation of the room. 

              There are three pilgrims Amenities Complexes I, II and III at Tirumala. Each pilgrim amenities complex (PAC) can accommodate nearly 2500 pilgrims. Pilgrims can avail lockers also at free of cost. There are 1000 lockers in each PAC. Pilgrims can have tonsure at these complexes. Free toilet and bath room facilities are available at these complexes round the clock. 

              Pilgrims in large groups or individually also can go to Pilgrim Amenities Complex I, II and III. There are large halls with locker facilities. The accommodation and lockers are free to the pilgrims. They will be given mat and a blanket on payment of advance. There are free toilets and bath rooms. Pilgrims can have free tonsure 24 hours a day at all these complexes.

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