General Instructions 

1) Srivari Seva is a voluntary service where pilgrims will render free services to fellow pilgrims who come for darshan of Lord Venakteswara every day. 

2) Interested pilgrims / devotees should register online for Srivari Seva, who will be here-by addressed as “Srivari Sevakulu”. 

3) Srivari Sevakulu should be from Hindu religion only.


4) Srivari Sevakulu who is within the age limit of 18 years to 60 years alone will be permitted for Srivari Seva. 

5)  The Srivari Sevakulu (both men and women) who enroll for Srivari seva should be healthy i.e., physically strong, mentally fit as they have to perform the Seva for longer duration every day. Otherwise they will not be taken for service even if they fall within the specified age limit and the final discretion of selecting the Srivari Seva volunteer lies with the management.

6) Srivari Sevakulu should not have been involved in any Criminal activities or cases. 

7) Srivari Sevakulu is requested not to carry / Consume prohibited articles under section 114 of AP Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions & Endowment act, 1987.

Please read the General Instructions carefully before Registration

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