1. ·        The respective team leader/coordinator of Srivari Seva group has to bring the id-proof with which he has registered on-line and remaining team members will also have to bring their respective id-proofs along with them while reporting for Srivari Seva.
  2. ·        Separate accommodation will be provided for Male Sevakulu is provided in Srivari Seva sadan and for Female Sevakulu in PAC III.
  3. ·        The volunteers should keep their accommodation and toilets tidy.
  4. ·        The Srivari Sevakulu has to discharge their selfless services in the service areas allotted by the office. Service timings will be for a minimum of 6 hours per day.
  5. ·        Uniform is mandatory for Srivari Seva. Male volunteers should wear white shirt and white pant or vesti or kurta-pyjama, while female volunteers should wear orange color saree with Maroon border. With maroon colour blouse or orange color chudidar with Maroon color pyjama and chunni while service.
  6. ·        If they fail to come in the specified uniform, they will not be allotted darshan and laddus on eighth day.
  7. ·        The sevakulu have to wear Srivari Seva scarves only when on duty.
  8. ·        Always chant Govinda and address every one as Govinda only and serve the pilgrims with patience.
  9. ·        Every volunteer should wear Tirunamam with vermilion or sandal paste to identify themselves as Srivari Seva volunteers.
  10. ·        The volunteers should feel the presence of lord in every devotee and serve the fellow pilgrims with devotion.
  11. ·        The women volunteers should not wear night gowns and the male volunteers wear shorts during nights in their respective accommodation centres.
  12. ·        The Srivari Seva is absolutely a free service intended to serve the fellow pilgrims. The Sevakulu should not to give kind or cash to anyone (team leader or staff members) for Srivari Seva and do not insist for temple duties as it is not mandatory
  13. ·        While in Srivari Seva, the Srivari Sevakulu should not go for Angapradakshina and Arjitha Seva tickets evading their duties. If so they will be banned from service for a period of two years.
  14. ·        If any team leader is found to have taken collected money from the teams members for temple duties, he or she will be banned from service both as team leader and also as a member for a period of two years.
  15. ·        If he or she indulges in the same misdeed even after two years ban, then they will be banned from Srivari Seva for life.

  1. ·        Srivari Sevakulu is expected to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, confidentiality, impartiality, and good conduct in the course of, or in relation to their Seva.
  2. ·        Srivari Sevakulu is expected to be courteous, considerate and prompt while reporting for Seva.
  3. ·        Srivari Sevakulu must comply with all applicable rules and regulations issued by the TTD from time to time.
  4. ·        Srivari Sevakulu must comply with any lawful regulations, orders, policies, and appropriate requests issued by the On-duty supervisor or other TTD officials having jurisdiction over the Seva involved.
  5. ·        In the course of, or in relation to their Seva, Srivari Sevakulu shall adhere to the policy of the TTD that there shall be no discrimination while performing the seva based on factors of caste, cadre, age and sex.
  6. ·        Srivari Sevakulu should consult with the on-duty supervisors on general queries as they may have regarding the applicability of various regulations, which may pertain to their seva.
  7. ·        Srivari Sevakulu shall not harass / argue / fight with other sevakulu, TTD Employees or pilgrims.
  8. ·        Srivari Sevakulu shall not indulge in gambling or any other form involving playing of cards while staying at TTD provided accommodation at Tirumala.
  9. ·        Srivari Sevakulu is prohibited from carrying / consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs or Tobacco or meat foods while at Tirumala, as described in the Section 114 of CHRIE ACT 1987.
  10. ·        Srivari Sevakulu who violates the above act will be subjected to legal action as per the provisions of Law.

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