SRIVARI SEVA –PARAKAMANI SEVA

General Instructions 

  1. The number of registrations of Parakamani Sevakulu has been increased from existing 120 members to 250 members per day in three batches and it will be commenced from 01.03.2014.
  2. The additional Parakamani Sevakulu will render their Parakamani Seva both in Tirumala as well as in Tirupati (for cut notes / soiled Parakamani / Currency) as per the requirement of the Deputy Executive Officer (Parakamani).
  3. The Parakamani Sevakulu should provide valid AADHAR card at the time of registraiton which is mandatory.
  4. The Parakamani Sevakulu should bring AADHAR Card submitted at the time registrion for verification while reporting for serivce, otherwise, will not be permitted for Parakamani Seva.
  5. Parakamani is an activity where counting and accounting of offerings made by pilgrims through Srivari Hundi viz. coins, currencies, precious items, jewellary etc. done on a day-to-day basis.
  6. Interested Pilgrims / Devotees should register online for Parakamani Seva, who will be here-by addressed as “Parakamani Sevakulu”.
  7. Only Male devotees are eligible to apply for Parakamani Seva inview of constraints on survaillance
  8. Parakamani Sevakulu should be in the age group of 35 years to 65 years.
  9. Parakamani Sevakulu should be from Hindu Religion only.
  10. Parakamani Sevakulu should be healthy i.e., physically strong, mentally fit, free from arthritis, back pains, asthma, as they have to perform the Seva by squatting / sitting on the floor for longer sessions.
  11. Parakamani Sevakulu should be either working or retired employee of Central / State Government or Quasi Government or PSU or Scheduled Banks or from Insurance Companies.
  12. Parakamani Seva is voluntary Seva. Hence, no payments will be made by TTD in any form.
  13. Parakamani Sevakulu should not have been involved in any Departmental Disciplinary / Criminal proceedings.
  14. Parakamani Sevakulu are requested not to Carry / Consume prohibited articles under section 114 of AP Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions & Endowment act, 1987.
  15. Devotees from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are alone eligible to register at present for Parakamani Seva.
  16. Parakamani Sevakulu may opt for either 3 days slot or 4 days slot.
  17. Parakamani seva for 3-day slot will commence on Friday and conclude on Sunday. They should report for enrollment on Thursday before 02.00 PM at Srivari Seva Sadan(inside APS RTC Bus stand), Tirumala.
  18. Parakamani seva for 4-day slot will commence on Monday and conclude on Thursday. They should report for enrollment on Sunday before 02.00 PM at Srivari Seva Sadan(inside APS RTC Bus stand), Tirumala.
  19. Parakamani Sevakulu should bring two passport size photos, two copies of ID proof, two copies of Online Application form along with original and xerox copy of their In-Service ID Card / Pensioner ID Card / Service Certificate (should have the photo of the applicant duly attested by the concern authority) while reporting at Srivari Seva Sadan Office which is mandatory.
  20. Recent passport size photo(less than 100 kb) and valid Identity Card either Service or Pension card issued by their Employers / Employing Organizations only should be uploaded during online registration.
  21. Temporary Identity cards will be issued to the Parakamani Sevakulu at the time of reporting for parakamani seva by the TTD Vigilance & Security wing and same should be returned to the on duty Vigilance & Security personnel at the end of each session.
  22. Darshan of Lord Venkateswara will be provided on the last day of slot.
  23. If any Parakamani Sevakulu found violating Parakamani proceedings, appropriate action will be initiated.
  24. Each Parakamani Sevakulu will be provided with three laddus at subsidized rate of Rs.10/- each on the last day of the slot.
  25. Parakamani Sevakulu are requested to mention their contact numbers (both land line and mobile numbers) of their relations whom they wish to be informed in case of emergency while performing seva at Tirumala.
  26. Parakamani Sevakulu are not suppose to bring their spouse or kin while attending for Parakamani Seva.
  27. Parakamani Sevakulu should bring their uniform ( White Vesti / Pancha) on their own while attending for Parakamani Seva.
  28. Parakamani sevakulu who have taken the Diksha Maala i.e. Ayyappa Maala or Govinda Maala or Shakti Maala etc. will not be allowed in "Diksha Maala Dress" for the parakamani seva owing to security reasons.
TTD reserves right to accept or reject Parakamani Sevakaulu from performing the seva.

While entering Parakamani for doing Seva :

1.       Parakamani Sevakulu should wear traditional dress i.e, white Dothi only at the time of reporting for Parakamani seva.
2)   Parakamani sevakulu should not wear/carry any Mobiles, cash, gold, silver, other precious / semi 

precious stones, watches, rings, bracelets and any other valuables at the time of reporting for

 Parakamani Seva. If any item is found in their possession during the Parakamani Seva, they will be 

confiscated as per TTD rules and regulations  

                                             CODE OF CONDUCT

  1. Parakamani Sevakulu are expected to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, confidentiality, impartiality, and good conduct in the course of, or in relation to, their Seva.
  2. Parakamani Sevakulu are expected to be courteous, considerate, and prompt while reporting for Seva.
  3. Parakamani Sevakulu must comply with all applicable rules and regulations issued by the TTD.
  4. Parakamani Sevakulu must comply with any lawful regulations, orders, policies, and appropriate requests issued by the On-duty supervisor or other TTD officials having jurisdiction over the Seva involved.
  5. In the course of, or in relation to their Seva, Parakamani Sevakulu shall adhere to the policy of the TTD that there shall be no discrimination while performing the seva based on factors of caste, cadre, age, and similar matters not related to performance of duty in their respective organisations.
  6. Parakamani Sevakulu should consult with the on-duty supervisors on general questions as they may have regarding the applicability of various regulations, which may pertain to their seva.
  7. Parakamani Sevakulu shall be held accountable for TTD property and monies entrusted to them in connection with their seva.
  8. Parakamani Sevakulu shall not harass / argue / fight with other sevakulu, TTD Employees, or Pilgrim Witnesses.
  9. Parakamani Sevakulu shall not participate in gambling or any other form involving playing of cards while staying at TTD provided accommodation at Tirumala.
  10. Parakamani Sevakulu are prohibited from carrying / consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs or Tobacco or meat foods while at Tirumala, as described in the Section 114 of CHRIE ACT 1987.
  11. Parakamani Sevakulu who violates the above act will be subjected to legal action as per the provisions of Law.
  12. Parakamani Sevakulu are here – by informed / warned that professing / propaganding any other religion other than Hinduism is prohibited under G.O.Ms 746 & 747 both dt 2-6-2007. Any sevakulu are found violating this act, appropriate legal action will be taken against them.

NOTE  1:  This '*' marked fields are compulsory

NOTE 2:  Recent passport size photo((less than 100 kb) and valid  Identity Card/Service/Pension card/ Certificate (less than 100 kb) should be available to upload during online registration.

NOTE 3:  The Special characters like ~!@#$%^&*() etc., are not allowed in any fields

NOTE 4:  Place the Employee/Pension ID Card on white paper,Scan the reqired size containing ID Card, Please do not scan the complete page

The Parakamani Sevakulu should provide valid AADHAR card at the time of registraiton which is mandatory. 


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